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Migraine Foundation Aotearoa New Zealand is the only migraine charity in New Zealand

Our mission is to raise awareness of the impact of migraine disease and support people living with migraine in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Migraine Foundation Aotearoa New Zealand was established in 2022 by three co-founders who have all lived with migraine for many years.

The Foundation was established to connect people living with migraine in New Zealand, support positive action and change and ensure our voice is heard.

Our work programme is based around our key pillars of service:

  • Support 
  • Advocacy and awareness 
  • Information
  • Research
  • Leadership and sustainability 

We are supported by our clinical advisory group, charity advisor, other volunteers and, of course, our members and people in the migraine community. We are building and maintaining partnerships and alliances with other groups that have an interest in migraine and working together to reduce the impact and burden of migraine disease in New Zealand. 

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Get involved with Migraine Foundation Aotearoa New Zealand to support those who live with migraine and raise awareness about the impact of migraine disease.

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