Migraine podcasts

I’m a big fan of podcasts. Having a long list of podcast episodes to listen to is often the best motivation to get me outside and exercising, and they’re also great during a migraine attack if I need some time on the couch but still want to feel productive.

I’ve collated a list of my favourite migraine podcasts, and hope that however migraine affects your life, you’ll find this list helpful.

Heads Up Podcast

This podcast is produced by the National Migraine Centre in the UK. It’s currently on series 4 and covers a huge breadth of migraine-related topics. Each podcast episode varies in length, though usually they’re about 40–60 minute long, and often the episode features a guest speaker.

One of the hosts, Dr Katy Munro, has recently published a book called Managing Your Migraine. This is a must-read for anyone with migraine.

Spotlight on Migraine

Spotlight on Migraine is produced by the Association of Migraine Disorders. I’ve listened to a lot of episodes, and on the day I write this there are 100 episodes available to listen to. Most are quite short, about 20 minutes or so, although some of the episodes are longer.

The topics are varied and interesting, including CBD for migraine; paediatric migraine disorders; migraine, irritable bowel syndrome and the gut-brain microbiota axis; lifestyle changes for managing migraine and many more.

Talking Head Pain

Talking Head Pain is hosted by migraine advocate Joe Coe, and is produced by the Global Healthy Living Foundation. The episodes are usually interviews with Joe and a person with migraine. The Global Healthy Living Foundation have also developed a really helpful patient guide that you can download here.

Migraine Talks

Produced by our friends at Migraine Canada, these short and informative podcasts cover a range of migraine-related topics.

Move Against Migraine

Although this podcast hasn’t had any new episodes since 2020, it’s still worth listening to. The episodes are short but informative. Produced by the American Migraine Foundation.

Migraine Minute News Update

Everyone has 2 minutes a week to listen to this podcast! It’s hosted by Molly O’Brien from the Association of Migraine Disorders and is quite literally a 2-minute update about the latest developments in migraine over the past week.

For Heads Sake

This podcast is created by the National Headache Foundation and explores a wide range of migraine topics. Length of episodes vary, but are generally 20–30 minutes, so a perfect companion for a daily walk or run.

Brain on Nature

I heard about this podcast when I was watching the patient panel webinar during Migraine and Headache Australia’s Awareness Week 2021. It was produced by a New Zealander living in Australia, who suffered a mild traumatic brain injury in 2015, causing ongoing headaches and other cognitive issues. She discovered how being in nature helped to heal her brain and documents her journey and a bit about the science of being in nature.

As someone who loves being outside, especially hiking, camping and just walking through our local parks, I really enjoyed this podcast. Being outside is my happy place, and it was fascinating listening to Sarah Allely discovering the joys and healing power of nature. I suggest listening to it while you’re by the beach, in the bush, in a park, if you can.

Lara Briden podcast

This podcast isn’t migraine specific, but it is all about women’s hormones, and we know that hormones can impact migraine for women.

Lara Briden is a naturopathic doctor originally from Canada, now living and working in Christchurch, New Zealand. She has written a few books, and her latest book Hormone Repair Manual is worth a read if you want to understand more about hormones (and especially why it’s important to take only bioidentical progesterone such as Utrogestan).

The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast – Episode 68 Eating for migraines

Katy Munro and Jessica Briscoe discuss migraine management, not only diet and eating, but also a broad range of preventive approaches.

That So Chronic – Sarah Cahill and Chronic Migraine episode

I’m unashamedly throwing in this podcast episode that I was a guest on soon after we launched Migraine Foundation Aotearoa New Zealand. Definitely worth a listen.

Sarah Cahill, co-founder of Migraine Foundation Aotearoa New Zealand. Adapted from original blog post.